Davide and Goliath transport passengers in the Gulf of Orosei

Welcome to the Gulf of Orosei

A wild and extraordinary land, famous all over the Mediterranean for its white beaches called "Cale", set like precious pearls between very high cliffs and incredible turquoise and emerald waters, where the transparency of the sea makes it look like a little magical ... and you find yourself surfing suspended between dream and reality.

Every day of the week, from June to September, you can choose the Gulf of Orosei starting with DAVIDE & GOLIA from the Port of La Caletta or from Marina di Orosei.

We will take you to know all 40 km of the Gulf of Orosei coastline, making two long and relaxing stops in the most exclusive bays: the first stop in the beautiful Cala Luna and the second in the enchanting Cala Mariolu.

You can choose to discover the majestic Caves of the Fico, the last refuge of the Bue Marino (the monk seal), with an optional visit in a walking and guided path of 800 meters.

Visit all the Cale del Golfo up to Cala Goloritzè.

You will enthrall in front of the Venus Pools, You will get excited in front of the Countess Cave in Navarra, You will fall in love of the candor of the Lovers' Cove , You will be amazed to reach the Cala where Nature has given its best: Cala Goloritzè.

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