Minicruises in the Gulf

Daily Departures

The departure is scheduled every day from the Port of La Caletta di Siniscola at 9.00 am and from the beach of the Marina di Orosei at 10:00.
We will take you with the Motonave Davide to get to know all the 40 km of coast of the Gulf of Orosei, making two long and relaxing stops in the most suggestive Cale: the first two-hour stop in the splendid Cala Luna(*)and the second of three hours in the enchanting Cala Mariolu .
You can also choose to discover the majestic Grotte del Fico, the last refuge of the Bue Marino (the monk seal), with an optional visit: a walking and guided tour of about 800 meters. along walkways and easy walkways lasting 1 hour (**)
You will visit all the Cale del Golfo from up close. You will be enchanted in front of the Piscine di Venere,
You will be thrilled in front of the Grotta della Contessa di Navarra, You will fall in love with the whiteness of the Cala degli Innamorati,
You will be amazed finally once you get there where Nature gave its best: Cala Goloritz is declared a "Natural Monument" by the Sardinia Region in 1993 and "National Monument" in 199.
Here we will pause to admire the natural arch, the imposing Guglia overlooking the sea, 143 meters high, as well as the other spectacular and secret granite creatures that inhabit it.
At 17.00 we will resume navigation for the return scheduled at 18.00 to Marina di Orosei and for 7.00 pm in the Port of La Caletta.
(*) The stop at Cala Luna can be replaced without notice, for reasons of navigation safety, often determined by the changing conditions of the seabed at the landing points on the beach of Cala Luna, with a stop at Cala Sisine or in another Cala del Golfo at the sole discretion. judgment of the captain of the boat..
(**) we inform you that those who visit the Grotte del Fico will have a 1 hour and a half hour swim in Cala Mariolu instead of three hours.

Cala Luna and Rio Codula de Luna
Cala Mariolu viewed from above
Cala Bariola
Grotta del Fico
venus pools
Grotta del cormorano
Arrival at Cala Goloritze
cala goloritze
Cala Goloritze

Our boarding points

Departures from the Port of La Caletta

Boarding at 8.15 am / 8.30 am at the Pier in front of the Coast Guard (where you will find a large parking lot). It is therefore advisable to arrive at the port by 8.30.

one of the stops of our itinerary among the enchanting places of the Gulf of Orosei

La Caletta ticket office

The ticket office is located in the Piazza del Porto (near the roundabout)
HERE you can get information, book and buy our tickets.
N.B: Departures are daily. However, it is advisable to book or buy the ticket, even online, at least one day before departure

david and golia ticket office in La Caletta

Departure from Marina di Orosei

Boarding at 10.00 am Boarding of passengers on the Davide motorboat will take place directly from the beach of Marina di Orosei, left side where the paid parking lots are located and where you will also find our Davide ticket kiosk & Goliath. In front of the ticket office is the "Sa Marina di Orosei" beach where you will find the docking corridor a few tens of meters on the left.

motorship davide stops itinerary
motorship davide sailing between the destinations of our itinerary

Ticket office

The ticket office is located near the car park at the end of the road that connects the village with the beach of SA MARINA. HERE You can receive information, book and buy our tickets.
N.B: Departures are daily. However, it is advisable to book or buy the ticket, even online, at least one day before departure;

the Davide and Golia ticket office in Marina di Orosei

What to bring in mini-cruise

Lunch and Snack

For a day in the Cale del Golfo you will surely need to organize for lunch and snack.
You can bring on board what you want with the packed lunch or you can choose our SERVICES ON BOARD, with various simple and tasty solutions.

What is useful to bring

fins and mask;

What you can't bring on board

chairs, stools, deckchairs and fishing equipment;