David and Goliath | Motor ship Davide

DAVIDE motor ship

31 meters long, built in 2004, he immediately traveled with us to the Gulf of Orosei. It has been designed to offer its guests the maximum comfort of navigation, the best view of the sea visible from every deck of the ship, safety on all operations.

itinerary near cala luna
davide motorboat at venere pools

Made in compliance with current regulations on safety and respect for the environment. Its design features make it safe for every passenger category including younger children.

tourist itinerary in the Gulf of Oroseri
davide motorboat at the cormorant cave

The interior furnishings and on-board fittings make the motorship David a very comfortable ship with upholstered sofas and covered tables in the first and second deck, large common areas, outdoor seating, solarium on the third deck, radio broadcasting, bar, two toilets always very clean.

salons and interiors of the motorship David
davide motorboat first covered bridge
davide motorboat in night navigation
motorship davide third deck relax