Davide e Golia | F.a.q.


In this section we have published the answers to the most common questions of greatest interest to travelers.

How long before can tickets be purchased?     

The transport ticket can be purchased online or at our ticket offices a few days before the chosen date. It is advisable to buy the ticket at least 2-3 days in high season. During the low season periods, 1-2 days before is sufficient. It is possible to find some tickets still available the night before or that morning.

How can I buy a ticket online?     

It is possible to buy the ticket online through our website www.davidegolia.it. Enter the book and buy online section and select "BOOK NOW" taking into account the boarding point from which you would like to depart and follow the instructions on the screen. Do not hesitate to contact us with any problem.

     Do I have to print the ticket purchased online?     

No, it's not necessary. It is sufficient to show the tickets on the smartphone, attached to the email received when purchasing the ticket.

     Is there a possibility to do a half-day cruise?     

No, there is no half-day itinerary that includes a return to port for lunch.

     What time should I present for boarding?     

It is necessary to show up for boarding at least 30 minutes before with respect to the departure time.

How do embarkation and disembarkation operations take place in Cale?     

The embarking and disembarking operations take place safely through walkways from the boat to the beach or from the boat on piers. It is not necessary to dive from the boat to reach the beaches; on the contrary, it is strictly prohibited for bathing safety reasons.

Where can I park in La Caletta? Is the parking lot guarded?     

At La Caletta it is possible to park both in the Port and in the immediate vicinity. Parking is free but not guarded.

Where can I park in Marina di Orosei? Is the parking lot guarded?     

In Marina di Orosei it is possible to park near the embarkation point. Parking is subject to charges but not guarded.

Is lunch included in the transport tariff?     

No, lunch is not included. There are several possibilities. You can choose to organize yourself with a packed lunch or buy a sandwich or one of the dishes that the Company offers at lunch time. Lunch on board takes place while sailing from Cala Luna to Cala Mariolu.

Is it possible to take a bath during beach breaks?     

Yes, at the scheduled stops you go down to the beach to swim and sunbathe. During the stop the motorboat will anchor at the bay. Can you wear fins and a mask? And the fishing equipment? Yes, they are essential for snorkelers. Fishing equipment cannot be brought on board.

Can you bring deckchairs, chairs and / or stools? And the umbrella?     

No. Deckchairs, chairs or stools are not allowed on board. While you can bring an umbrella for family. If you don't have an umbrella you can rent it on board for 5 euros all day.

Is it advised not to take small children on a mini-cruise?     

There are no contraindications for the little ones. However, it is recommended to use a suitable 50+ sunscreen and a hat. It is useful to bring an umbrella to get a prompt shelter from the sun. If necessary, you can embark a modest-sized stroller that must remain on board during the stops.

Is the mini-cruise suitable for the disabled?     

It depends on the type and severity of the handicap. It is advisable to contact us by phone to verify the existence of suitable and adequate conditions to accommodate the passenger.

Is it possible to bring the dog in mini-cruise?     

In general, dogs and other pets are not allowed on board. Among other things, they are not admitted to the beaches except in some and with the provision of stringent restrictions on the space that can be occupied, far from the shoreline and the obligation of constant custody by the owner. The Company reserves the right to admit exceptionally animals, cats or small and medium-sized dogs in consideration of the lower turnout on the motor ship.

Whoever visits the Grotte del Fico can stop in Cala Mariolu?     

Yes, with the clarification, however, that for visitors to the Caves the stop at Cala Mariolu will be reduced compared to those who do not visit them. It will take you an hour and a half instead of three hours.