David and Goliath | On-board services

Onboard services

On the Davide motorboat you will always find something to eat and you can choose from a wide variety of products.


always open replenished and fast

Cappuccini, Coffee, Freshly baked pastries for breakfast on board; Soft drinks, sandwiches and fresh buns (freshly prepared), pizza slices; Sweet and savory snacks, ice creams, coffee granitas


simple and tasty dishes
Local fish fry(*)

served hot in a comfortable bowl (small portion or family portion) to be consumed while sailing along the coast between Cala Luna and Cala Mariolu
(*) you only book by boat during the outward navigation;

Cured meats and Sardinian cheese:(*)

in a convenient cutting board a mixture of Sardinian ham, pancetta and salami, fresh or smoked ricotta, pecorino, olives and carasau bread
(*) the composition of the cutting board can be modified in relation to the availability of products on the market;

first course based on fish
motonave kitchen davide

Sandwiches and Buns
variously stuffed with prosciutto, salami, cooked, frankfurter, cheese or with fresh or grilled vegetables;

serve hot in a convenient bowl with mayonnaise / ketchup;


un Special Moment on the Way to Return

Chalice of brut or spritz or soft drink(*), chopping board (for 4-6 people) of cold cuts and mixed cheeses, taste of frying fish(**);
(*) for children a can to taste;
(**) the composition of the cutting board can be modified in relation to the availability of the products;

davide motor ship on board you will find fried fish and chips
motoneve davide aperitif with cutting board of typical products


parasols, masks and fins
Umbrella rental: it's possible to rent the umbrella all day for only 5 euros;
Mask and fin rental: it's possibile rent equipment for snorkeling for just 5 euros;
Shower on board with token: shower with only 1 euro;