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Passengers Transport Regulations

Art. 1 Passenger Transport Rules - Terms and Conditions.

Transportation is assumed by Davide Company & Golia srl.s, hereinafter referred to as the Shipping Company, under the terms and conditions set forth below which are valid for the Regulations for the transportation of Passengers .


Transport is also regulated by the rules of the Navigation Code as far as it is competent and by the rules of the Civil Code as applicable.

These Rules are visible on the internet site www.davidegolia.it in the section of the home page called Rates, subsection Terms and Conditions as well as at the Company's ticket offices and on-board controls;

Art. 2. Rates

All rates are expressed in euros and are inclusive of the rights and of I.V.A. where due; they do not include, instead, the possible services like meals, drinks, and optional entrances to the Caves. Furthermore, they do not include the environmental ticket of € 1.00 pertaining to the Costa Baunei Club Product Association for entering Cala Mariolu and providing bathing assistance, rescue and beach cleaning services.

The transport rate includes only the price of passage from the Port of La Caletta or from Marina di Orosei to the Cale del Golfo, round trip.

All information, schedules (always shown in local time) and rates are subject to change at any time and without notice.


Davide & Golia srls is not responsible for sudden changes in the terms and conditions due to force majeure or technical reasons.

Art 3. Conditions of transport

Davide Company & Golia srls disclaims any responsibility for the failure to board the Cale as the destination of the trip due to delays and negligence of the passengers, reserving the right to make or not to reverse routes or changes in routes if this fact causes inconvenience to the other passengers.

In the event of adverse environmental or atmospheric conditions as well as for any other reason related to navigation safety, the captain has the right to change the chosen routes at his own unquestionable judgment, which may be subject to change or change the departure times or return to port including the eventuality of failure to reach the destination without, however, any right for passengers to reimburse the travel ticket.

Art. 4. Special rates conditions

All special offers, last minute and promotional offers are available in a limited number that varies according to the date of departure and until the places assigned to it are exhausted. Tickets purchased at a special rate are non-refundable, except in the event of cancellation of the departure by the company or the unexpected impossibility of the passenger not attributable to him duly proven.


In addition to the published offers, the company reserves the right to propose further possible campaigns with promotional rates that cannot be applied retroactively to the bookings already made and to the previously completed contracts.

Art. 5. How to purchase the ticket

The transport ticket is purchased at Davide & Golia with immediate payment or by accessing the site www.davidegolia.it , book and buy now section. In this case, the purchase is online and payment can only be made by credit card or paypal.

Booking and purchasing the ticket entails the acceptance by the passenger of the full terms and conditions.

Art. 6. Booking procedure

It is possible to book one or more transport tickets by calling the company numbers in evidence on the site www.davidegolia.it . The reservation has the value of a commitment to the purchase of the transport ticket and requires the payment of a deposit of € 10.00 for each adult ticket and € 5.00 for each reduced ticket, to be made with Postepay system at any tobacconist / bookshop to the IBAN that will be provided by the Company or by direct payment at Davide & Goliath.

Reservations can also be made directly at Davide & Goliath with payment of the same advance payment.

Reservations can also be made at agencies and or hotels affiliated with Davide & Goliath.

Art. 7. Presentation on boarding

It is necessary to show up for boarding at least 30 minutes before the scheduled departure.

Art. 8 Refund of ticket or reservation

The reimbursement of the transport ticket is provided only in the event of cancellation of the departure by the Company due to adverse weather conditions, technical or organizational reasons, or in the event of the passenger's impossibility to board for the departure date for a cause not attributable to him as long as he is duly proven. Instead, it will be possible, limited to the availability of places, to grant the customer the variation of the departure date.

The customer has the right to cancel the reservation but will not be entitled to a refund of the given deposit. It will be possible, subject to availability of seats, to grant the customer a change in the departure date. Instead, it will be possible to return the deposit paid only in the presence of impediments due to reasons not attributable to the passenger and duly proven or in the case of cancellation of the cruise by the shipping company.

Art. 9 Reductions

Discounts Rates shown are not cumulative and cannot be recognized once the trip has been completed.

Art. 10 Controls on board

The passenger who, during the journey, does not have a ticket without giving prior notice to the Captain of the ship, will be subject to payment of the full fare plus 100% of the ticket. The passenger who, during the journey, does not have the document giving title to the facilitation applied when issuing the ticket at a reduced rate, will be required to pay the difference between the reduced rate already paid and the full rate plus 100%.

Art. 11 Animals in tow

Animals are not allowed on board as they cannot stay in the coves provided by the itineraries offered except in the narrow spaces indicated by the beach manager with constant vigilance. The Company reserves the right to admit dogs of small or medium size in consideration of periods of greater or lesser turnout on the motor vessel.

Art. 12 Personal data and processing

The data provided by the passenger for the booking and purchase phase will be processed by the Company Davide & Golia srls in compliance with the rules for the protection of personal data introduced by the GDPR 2016/679 according to the procedures set out in the Privacy Information available in the points Davide & Golia sales and can be consulted on the website www.davidegolia.it, section Rates, subsection Privacy Information.

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